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Anti-Scam Campaign Against Toy Poodles For Sale Near Me

Toy Poodles For Sale Near Me

We at Valentina Poodles, we want to make sure you are completely satisfied by your choice of a toy or miniature poodle. All of our animals come fully registered and vet certified. They undergo a wellness exam, have all the required vaccinations, and come with a personal medical record booklet. View our available Toy Poodles For Sale >> Here

We have been serving USA and Canada since April 26. We became one for the leading toy poodle breeder in our county



At Valentina Poodles,  we love poodles . Our Family members grow to each poodle puppy.

We are passionate about providing the best care for them while they’re with us and finding them the best homes when they leave.

All our poodles come with up to date vaccines, health certificate, a complementary puppy kid which includes to toys, cloths and 1 week feeding.
When you buy or adopt of of our poodles, we provide you with all papers and documentation. Our goal is to help you take the best care of your next family member


Sellers from Ghana, Nigeria or the individuals who request that you send cash to Africa, are likely con artists so avoid them.

No of AKC enrolled breeds start from Africa.

– scammers have don’t feel sorry for and will do anything for your cash. You have been warned!

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Thanks For Stopping By. You May Come To Our Home Meet The Puppies, Pay And Pick Up In Person. We Also Deliver To Distant Clients( 2 Free Shipping Vouchers Currently Available)


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